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UCSB Launches Summer Public Lecture Series

UCSB launched its summer public lecture series, GRIT "Ground-… read more

Molecules that Restructure the Mind


Postdoctoral researcher Caitlin Taylor wins the 2019… read more

Courtney Kenyon receives Morgan Award for Research Promise

Courtney Kenyon is a recipient of the 2018-2019 Morgan Award for… read more

Zoe Liberman and Emily Jacobs Named 2019 Hellman Fellows

Zoe Liberman and Emily Jacobs have been named 2019 Hellman Fellows.… read more

Nina Masjedi receives Morgan Award for Academic Excellence

Nina Masjedi is a recipient of the 2018-2019 Morgan Award for Academic… read more

Miguel Eckstein Awarded a Prestigious Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

Miguel Eckstein was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the John… read more

Dan Conroy-Beam Awarded NSF-CAREER Award

Dan Conroy-Beam was awarded a presitigous NSF-CAREER Award for his… read more

Undergraduate Emily La Wins Library Research Award

Congratulations to Emily La, a junior Psychological & Brain Sciences… read more