Graduate Student Awards

Richard E. Mayer Award for Outstanding Research in Psychology

The Richard E. Mayer Award for Outstanding Research Contribution in Psychology is intended to recognize the second-year psychology graduate student who presents the best research paper at the Psychological & Brain Sciences Mini-Convention, as determined by the Graduate Affairs Committee.

2013    Logan Fiorella
2014    Rachel Grillot
2015    Adam Klein
2016    Chelsea Brown
2017    Tadeg Quillien
2018    Anne Milner
2019    Katy Walter
2020    Paige Harris
2021    Daniel Thayer

Charles G. McClintock Graduate Fellowship in Social Psychology

The Charles G. McClintock Graduate Fellowship Fund was established as a tribute to Charles (Chuck) G. McClintock, a man who contributed, in one way or another, so generously to his graduate students and colleagues. In 1956, Chuck was hired as the first social psychologist at UCSB. The fund will serve as a permanent recognition of his contributions to social psychology, to the UCSB graduate program in social psychology, and to individuals who benefited from knowing him.

1999    Wendy Berry Mendez & Crystal Wright
2000    Brian Lickel & Wendy Quinton
2001    Lisa Silver
2003    Shannon McCoy
2004    Collette Eccleston
2005    Sara Crump
2006    Samantha Brooke Vick
2007    Angela Maitner
2008    Wesley G. Moons
2009    Sarah Townsend
2010    Debra Bunyan
2011    Lisa Jaremka
2012    Diana Leonard
2013    Courtney Gosnell
2014    Kimberly Hartson
2015    Molly Metz
2016    Lauren Winczewski
2017    Tessa Dover
2018    Kimin Eom
2018    Phillip Ehret
2019    Jason Anderson
2020    Youngki Hong
2021    Roxie Chuang

The Harry J. Carlisle Memorial Award for Neuroscience and Behavior

The Harry J. Carlisle Memorial Award was established in 2003 in recognition of the important contributions made by Professor Harry Carlisle, a long-time faculty member in Psychology. Harry received his B.A. and M.A. in Psychology from UCSB. He received a joint Ph.D. in Psychology and Physiology from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1964. Harry returned to UCSB as an Assistant Professor in 1965. He became a Professor in 1977, a post he held with distinction until his retirement in 2001. The criteria for this award include those qualities exemplified by Harry: sound scholarship, a strong research record, and a concern for others and the functioning of the N&B area.

2005    Kristianne Priebe
2006    Vanessa Woods
2007    Daniel Guzman
2008    Ami Cohen
2009    Justin Moscarello
2010    Joannalee Campbell
2011    Jennifer Wenzel
2012    Kevin Lominac
2013    Christopher Knight
2014    Sierra Webb
2015    Amanda Kautzman
2016    Jared Bagley
2017    Adam Klein
2018    Chelsea Brown
2019    Mari Purpura
2020    Kevin Sit
2021    Julian Gerson