Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological & Brain Sciences Advisors would like to provide undergraduate students with a variety of modules to help answer commonly asked questions we receive.

These modules cover questions pertaining to: how/when to book an appointment with an advisor, when and where to find Change of Major (CoM) paperwork, what the process looks like for clearance requests, how to run a degree audit and look up course prerequisites on GOLD, and what tools are available for schedule planning. These modules also answer inquiries related to the PBS research and honors programs, they provide a breakdown of major requirements, they detail how to find out whether a course is approved or not approved for major credit, and they list out step-by-step instructions for navigating the PBS Undergraduate website.

We ask that students first please review the scripts and voiced-over modules we created before they email us questions.

  1. Change of Major (CoM) paperwork & Clearances 
  2. Course Scheduling, Prerequisites, and Running a Degree Audit 
  3. Honors in PBS
  4. Major Requirements 
  5. Navigating our Undergraduate Website 
  6. Pre-Approved vs Non Pre-Approved Courses
  7. Research in PBS 

You can reach us by email if you have any follow-up questions after tuning into the applicable module(s).