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Research Participation Pool

One important way to learn about psychology and to understand the nature of psychological research is from the inside by being a participant in psychological studies. By serving as a participant in social science research, you also contribute to advancing the scientific understanding of human thought and behavior. This important research would not be possible without the participation of research volunteers.

Academic Personnel Services

The staff in academic personnel is responsible for merits and promotions, faculty recruitment, hiring of all research staff including postdocs, lecturers, and non-academic student employees.

Policies and Procedures

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences has most of its policies and procedures available online in PDF format. Follow the link below to go to the page where they are listed.

IT Services

IT Services provides a full suite of user support services including but not necessarily limited to: hardware and software troubleshooting, problem resolution, user education as well as finding solutions for specific needs that are performed every day. Supported platforms include Windows, MacOS, and Linux and. 

Shop Services

The facility includes machine tools, welding, electrical repair areas as well a fabrication area dedicated to plexiglass and carpentry projects. We have a stock of fasteners, fittings, and other materials that can cover your needs without having to go off campus. Think of us as your first stop when you have technical questions or just need to bounce ideas around concerning lab or field research needs.

Safety Information

General Campus Information

  • Recorded Emergency Message: Extension 8690
  • Toll number for same: (900) 200-UCSB
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Extension 3194
  • Emergency Operations Center Hotline: Extension 3902

Radio Stations

  • KCSB FM 91.9 (on campus)
  • KTMS AM 1250
  • KUHL AM 1440 (in Santa Maria for North County commuters)
  • KVEN AM 1450 (in Ventura for commuters from the South)

Road Information

  • Santa Barbara: 5683044
  • California Highway Patrol: 1 800 427ROAD (7623)
Financial Services

The staff in the financial services area handle all financial business including proposal preparation, contract & grant administration, payroll, grant reimbursements, travel and assistance with policy and procedures.

Request for Travel Advance

You may request a travel advance for expenses incurred prior to a trip. You must submit original receipts with a completed and signed Travel Advance Request.

Travel Reimbursement Request

Domestic or foreign travel, complete, obtain appropriate approval signature and return the form with original receipts*. There are no per diem rates on meals for domestic travel. Please record your actual expenditures (itemized receipts) on the Travel Reimbursement Request.

*Receipts for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement are required including, but not limited to:

  • Airline Passenger Receipts**
  • Rental car receipts, rail ticket stubs, bus tickets
  • Local transportation receipts
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (supplies)
  • Hotel receipts (must be itemized to show nightly rates, applicable taxes, etc.)
  • Conference Registration Receipts

**U.S. Flag Carriers must be used for travel on federal funds.

Declaration of Missing Evidence

If you are unable to locate original receipts for your trip, please complete a Declaration of Missing Evidence with an alternate proof of purchase (i.e. credit card statement showing payment).