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[N&B Seminar] The AII amacrine cell: A versatile, multitasking interneuron in the retina

Dr. Jeffery Diamond, Ph.D.

Event Sponsor: PBS and The Neuroscience Research Institute and the Dynamical Neuroscience Program

[NAB Seminar] The Association Cortex Spatial Transformation Network

Andy Alexander

Event Sponsor: MCDB, N&B, NRI & DYNS

Mini-Con 2023

PBS Second-Year PhD Students

[NAB Seminiar] How does the brain detect mistakes and correct them? Cellular mechanisms of brain resilience.

Carlos Lois

Event Sponsor: The Neuroscience & Behavior Area of Psychological & Brain Sciences

[NAB Seminar] Great Apes as Models for Understanding Human Brain Evolution

Dr. Chet Sherwood

Event Sponsor: MCDB, N&B, NRI, DYNS

[PBS Alumni Council ENGAGE Colloquium] Latinx Health Paradoxes, Resilience, and the Pursuit of Health Equity

Dr. John M. Ruiz

Event Sponsor: PBS' Advancing Faculty Diversity Award & PBS Alumni Council