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Perceptual Engineering

Misha Sra

Event Sponsor: CPCN

Decision Making and Neural Circuits of Addiction

Stephanie Groman, Ph.D.

Event Sponsor: N&B

Becoming Human: A Theory of Ontogeny

Michael Tomasello

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Investigating the Role of PFC-NAcc Subcircuits

Chelsea Brown

Event Sponsor: N&B

Functional Connectivity-Based Parcellation

Sang-Yun Oh, Ph.D.

Event Sponsor: N&B

The Friendliest Human

Brian Hare

Event Sponsor: SAGE

Mini-Con 2019

Event Sponsor: PBS

The Genius of Dogs

Brian Hare

Event Sponsor: SAGE

What Apes Share

Brian Hare

Event Sponsor: SAGE

Value-based Decision Making

Jaron Colas, Postdoctoral Fellow

Event Sponsor: CPCN

Lessons from Cultural Psychology for Real World Problems

Victoria Plaut, Shinobu Kitayama, Heejung Kim

Event Sponsor: SAGE

How Memory Guides Value-Based Decisions

Daphna Shohamy

Event Sponsor: Sage

How to Control a Network State at Cellular Resolution

Rodolphe Sepulchre, Ph.D.

Event Sponsor: CPCN / N&B

Electrochemical DNA Aptamer Sensors: A New Tool

Kyle Ploense, Ph.D.

Event Sponsor: N&B

A Taste for the Beautiful, The Evolution of Attraction

Michael J. Ryan

Event Sponsor: SAGE Center