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Human-AI Collaboration

Mark Steyvers

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SOC Seminar - Rammy Salem, Diego Padilla-Garcia

Rammy Salem, Diego Padilla-Garcia

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SOC Seminar

Payton Small

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[CPCN Seminar] A Conversation wit Kai-Fu Lee (CRML Distinguished Lecture Series)

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Event Sponsor: Department of Computer Science

SOC Seminar - Anudhi Munasinghe

Anudhi Munasinghe

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Focusing on Scientific Writing with Robby Nadler

Robby Nadler

Event Sponsor: Graduate Division, UCSB

How Learning Sculpts Goal-Directed Decisions

Ian Ballard

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The Scientific Body of Knowledge - Whose Body Does it Serve? A Spotlight on Women’s Brain Health

Professor Emily Goard Jacobs

Event Sponsor: The event is co-sponsored by UCSB Library and the Feminist Futures Initiative at UCSB.

Functional Vision in Macular Degeneration

Preeti Verghese

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Open Science, Reproducibility, and Replicability

Dr. Kyle Ratner

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Psychological & Brain Sciences Gaucho Virtual Alumni Mixer 2021

Hongbo Yu, Regina Lapate, Daniel Conroy-Beam

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Picture a Scientist – writing a new chapter for women scientists

Ian Cheney & Sharon Shattuck (co-directors and producers)/, Emily Goard Jacobs (moderator)

Event Sponsor: The Carsey-Wolf Center, PBS, NRI

Artificial Intelligence and the End of Insight

Steven Strogatz

Event Sponsor: SAGE

Computational Neuroimaging of the Human Auditory Cortex

Josh McDermott

Event Sponsor: SAGE

Deciding to Report: Consciousness as a Social Affordance

Michael Shadlen

Event Sponsor: SAGE