Research Assistant (99/199)

Undergraduates in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) have the opportunity to participate as a Research Assistant (RA) by enrolling in PSY 99 or PSY 199. RA coursework is designed to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to expand and apply skills and knowledge gained from their regular undergraduate coursework.

The documents (PDFs) below guide a student through the Research Assistant sign-up process.

1) How to Become an Research Assistant has a diagram you can follow to determine your eligibility as an RA.

2) Once you have made arrangements to work as an RA in a lab, please follow the Instructions for RA Training.

3) Use the Faculty ID Codes list to sign up for the correct training.

4) Finally, bring all forms, including the signed RA Form, into the Undergraduate Office (or email). Advisors will issue eligible students an add code to enroll.