Greg Ashby

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Professor Ashby is interested in the basic cognitive and neural mechanisms that mediate human learning. His approach combines experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and mathematical modeling. Dynamical Neuroscience

Jim Blascovich

Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Research Professor

Aaron Ettenberg

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Behavioral, pharmacological and physiological manipulations are combined in attempts to understand the nature of the brain mechanisms subserving the reinforcing effects of food, water, sex and psychoactive drugs.

John Foley

Professor Emeritus/Research Professor

David Hamilton

Distinguished Professor Emeritus / Research Professor

Jerry Jacobs

Research Professor, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

The biological basis of mammalian (especially, primate) color vision and its evolution.

Jack Loomis

Professor Emeritus

Loy Lytle

Professor Emeritus

Diane Mackie

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Research in the Social Evaluations and Emotions lab focuses on the evaluations, emotions, attitudes, and norms that arise from social group membership and underpin a wide range of phenomena in intergroup relations and social influence.

Brenda Major

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Impact of perceived ethnic, gender, and weight-based stigma and discrimination on psychological stress, health behaviors, and interpersonal relationships. Resilience. Impact of diversity, diversity policies, and anti-bias norms on intergroup relations.

Ben Reese

Research Professor, Professor Emeritus

Neuroscience Research Institute

Russ Revlin

Research Professor, Associate Professor Emeritus