Sierra Feasel

Sierra Feasel

Graduate Student



Diane Mackie Brenda Major

Research Area

Social Psychology


Sierra Feasel completed her B.A. in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. She then attended the University of Chicago where she received her MA in Social Sciences, concentrating in Psychology. At UCSB, she works with Dr. Diane Mackie and Dr. Brenda Major. A fun fact is that she loves all things Disney and her dog is even named Minnie (after Minnie Mouse of course). 


I am interested in better understanding how one's social identities shape experiences in intergroup interactions, especially interactions that involve confronting discrimination. In one line of research, I am investigating ally identity and the role of allies in confronting discrimination. Additionally, I am also researching the experiences of disadvantaged students throughout college, including their experiences with discrimination, and the impact of these experiences on health.

[Prejudice, discrimination, allyship, health effects of discrimination]