Shreya Sodhi

Shreya Sodhi

Graduate Student



Zoe Liberman

Research Area

Social Psychology


Shreya Sodhi received her B.A. in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis in 2019 with minors in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Educational Studies. She started her graduate studies at UCSB in 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Zoe Liberman.


My research generally focuses on the development of social categorization, or how children use different markers to place themselves and others into social groups. Currently, I am interested in children's conceptions of immigration, and how essentialist beliefs about nationality predict how children think immigration affects shifts in identity. I am also interested in children's beliefs about American identity, and whether they use race and immigrant status as indicators of American group membership. In addition, I am interested in how personal experiences and exposure to diversity affect children's beliefs and attitudes about race, ethnicity, and nationality.

[Child development, social cognition, social categories, race and nationality]