Prof. David Sherman Publishes A Paper On The Challenges Of Military Veterans In Their Transition To Civilian Life

January 28, 2021

With the United States in a constant state of war over the past 18 years, most people understand that veterans can experience challenges in returning to civilian life. PBS professor David Sherman is committed to understanding how science can help these former service members. In recent paper published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, Prof. Sherman and his co-authors examine theories from multiple disciplines to spur research that will give practitioners, service providers and industry new tools to serve the needs of America’s more than 20 million veterans.

“What our research sought to do was to examine the relevance of psychological science to this issue of the transition of military veterans to the workplace,” Prof. Sherman said. “We think that it can both inform this important social issue, but also studying veterans and their transition can inform the science that we’re all engaged in.”

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