PBS Student Michael Osfeld’s Honors Thesis Research Is Selected For Presentation At The Presidential Poster Session At Apa Convention

June 15, 2021

Congratulations to Michael Osfeld for being selected to present his honors thesis research as part of the Division 15 (Educational Psychology) Presidential Poster Session at the virtual 2021 American Psychological Association Convention in August. Michael’s research titled, The tale of autobiographical stories in classrooms: Are they useful?, experimentally manipulated whether students learned better depending on if an instructor was teaching a course concept with or without a personal, autobiographical story to help ground the material in daily life. Michael’s poster was selected as one of the top-rated posters of the over 150 accepted posters in Division 15. This special poster session will take place on a social interaction platform (REMO) that will allow Michael to interact in-real time at a virtual table with colleagues interested in his work, much like an in-person conference. His research was supervised by and is co-authored with Assistant Teaching Professor Dr. Nicole Alea Albada.