Dan Conroy-Beam and Jim Roney win 2020 Margo Wilson Award for best paper in Evolution and Human Behavior

November 18, 2020

Each year, one paper is selected from all those published in Evolution and Human Behavior, the flagship journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, for recognition with the Margo Wilson Award. This year’s recipients include UCSB Psychological and Brain Sciences faculty members Dan Conroy-Beam and James Roney. Their award-winning study, entitled “Assortative mating and the evolution of desirability covariation”, used agent-based models to provide evidence suggesting that the tendency for mates to be similar in overall desirability can explain the evolution of a broad structure of human trait covariation.

Congratulations Dr. Conroy-Beam & Dr. Roney!

Link to award announcement: https://www.hbes.com/2020-margo-wilson-award-winner/