Teaching Careers Speaker Series

Sponsored by the Psychological & Brain Sciences Alumni Council

To support people who are interested in pursuing careers focused on teaching, we invited alumni holding teaching-focused positions to share their experiences and advice. The alumni are at various colleges and universities (e.g., community colleges, liberal arts colleges, R1 universities). Each session is about one hour long, starting with a presentation and ending with a Q&A. We hope this speaker series is helpful to you.

These videos are only accessible to people with a UCSB NetID.

Celeste Pilegard

Dr. Pilegard is an assistant teaching professor in Psychology at UCSD. She graduated from UCSB in 2016 and worked with Dr. Rich Mayer.

You can view Celeste’s video on GauchoCast.

Debra Cozzoli

Dr. Cozzoli is an instructor of Psychology at Portland Community College. She graduated in 2011 from UCSB and worked with Dr. Karen Szumlinski. 

You can view Debra’s video on GauchoCast.

Diana Leonard

Dr. Leonard is an associate professor of Psychology at Lewis & Clark. She graduated from UCSB in 2012 and worked with Dr. Diane Mackie.

You can view Diana’s video on GauchoCast.

Jeff Niehaus

Dr. Niehaus is a senior lecturer in Psychology at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. He graduated in 2009 from UCSB and worked with Dr. Tamsin German.

You can view Jeff Niehaus’s video on GauchoCast.

Jeff Bowen

Dr. Bowen is a senior lecturer in Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. He graduated from UCSB in 2017 and worked with Dr. Nancy Collins.

You can view Jeff Bowen’s video on GauchoCast.

Smaranda Lawrie

Dr. Lawrie is an assistant professor in Psychology at Providence College in Rhode Island. She graduated from UCSB just last year and worked with Dr. Heejung Kim

You can view Smaranda’s video on GauchoCast.