Mini-Con 2020

Mini-Con, or Mini Convention, is held every year in the spring to celebrate the terrific work our second year PhD students have accomplished.

Mini-con is a convention style presentation in which each second year student gives a 10 minute presentation based on their second year paper. The presentation encompasses the research they have conducted, data collected, and future prospects, with a Q&A from attendees. The students are evaluated on the professionalism and ability to present research to the scientific community.

Sage Center Conference Room (Psych 1312)

May 28, 2020, from 9:00am - 2:00pm


Morning Session

8:40am Breakfast

9:00am Opening remarks by Michael Miller, Chair

9:10am Morning Session starts

9:50am Award presentation

10:00am Coffee break

10:10am Morning session continues

10:50am Award presentation

11:00am Lunch 

Afternoon Session

12:10pm Afternoon Session starts

12:50pm Award Presentation

1:10pm Coffee Break

1:20pm Afternoon Session continues

2:00pm Closing remarks by Michael Miller, Chair

Morning Session

9:10am Shuying Yu (CPCN)

Sex Differences and Age-Related Changes in Spatial Navigation


9:30am Paige Harris (SOC)

Do the Benefits of Physical Activity Extend Beyond the Individual? Exploring the Association Between Physical Activity and Positive Relationship Processes

10:10am Sara Leslie (CPCN)

Confidence and Decision Processes in Recognition Memory

10:30am Mei Mei (DEVO)

Body Oder and Ovarian Hormones in Women

Afternoon Session

12:10pm Viki Papadakis (SOC)

Social Class, Social Tuning, and Environmental Action

12:30pm Courtney Durdle (CPCN)

The Durability of Rich Episodic Event Memory through Multiple Interviews (D.R.E.E.M.M.I. Study)

1:20pm Alyssa Lawson (CPCN)

Generative Learning Strategies that Promote Understanding of a Multimedia Lesson

1:40pm Jordan Garrett (CPCN)

Tracking the Contents of Spatial Working Memory During a Bout of Aerobic Exercise