Assistant Teaching Professor Nicole Albada wins a teaching award from APA

December 10, 2020

Recently, Assistant Teaching Professor Nicole Albada won the Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education (CABE) Teaching Resources Award for her proposed teaching resource, Students’ Self-assessment of Participation. The resource is a method that has students self-assess their participation in multiple categories in a course using self-ratings and weekly narrative logs. The purpose of this method of participation assessment is to encourage agency and move away from a culturally-narrow definition (i.e., raising one's hand) of what it means to participate in a class.

The purpose of the CABE Teaching Resources Award is to encourage the development and dissemination of teaching resource materials to enhance the teaching of psychology to undergraduates. CABE is particularly interested in instructional and assessment techniques that promote the teaching of psychology as a hub science that is a unique and necessary component to a wide range of professions.