Courtney Kenyon receives Morgan Award for Research Promise

June 21, 2019

Courtney Kenyon is a recipient of the 2018-2019 Morgan Award for Research Promise in Psychological & Brain Sciences. Courtney is an avid skier and science lover from Layton, Utah. Over the past four years, she has been involved with several campus organizations, serving as a ‘Partners in Wellness’ volunteer and board member, Student Scribe, and CLAS biology tutor. Intrigued by how sex steroid hormones modulate brain structure and function, Courtney completed her thesis work with the Jacobs lab, where she studied the impact of chronological and neuroendocrine aging on working memory. Her advisor Dr. Emily Jacobs recognized that “Courtney synthesizes large amounts of information with ease and is a gifted writer; her work is done as an extension of her core values and as a way to develop genuine ties to her community." Courtney is passionate about advancing women’s health; producing innovative, enduring research that is inclusive to both sexes is a core principle of her research ethic. Courtney hopes to carry this passion into her future endeavors, with plans to apply to medical school after taking a gap year to continue her work as a medical assistant and member of the Jacobs Lab.