Kami Leonard

B.A., Psychology. I taught overseas in Africa before returning to grad school. Got licensed as a LMFT in 2012 and have a beautiful private practice in Woodland Hills, CA. I specialize in anxiety disorders and family therapy, and also enjoy working with pastors to help counsel people in the church.

Shannon (Ryan) Brascia

BA Psychology. Since earning a Masters in Counseling from the University of San Diego and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in 2004, I have been working as a school counselor. After a few years as an elementary counselor in San Diego I relocated and have been working with 7th and 8th grade at a 7-12 school. I live in Glendale with my husband and 3 kids.

Lindsey (Reed) Pollack

Is an Associate at RS Investments in the Institutional Services Group, serving DCIO and Sub-Advisory clients. Prior to joining RS Investments in 2006, Lindsey was Client Service Ad- ministrator at Symphony Asset Management for over five years.

Greg Ngo

Moved to Chicago and received an MS in Financial Markets at Illinois Institute of Technology. Since 2005 he has been working as a Fixed Income Prop Trader at Breakwater Trading LLC in Chicago.

Shannon Ryan Brascia

Works full-time as a School Counselor for grades 7/8 in La Canada, CA. Married with two daughters, 1and 4.

Tyler Okimoto

I am currently living in New York, working on my dissertation and finishing my 5th year in the Social Psychology doctoral program at NYU. My primary research interests deal with identity concerns following an experience of unjust treatment, and how favorable outcomes may placate these concerns. I am also involved in numerous research projects investigating the impact of negative expectations (stereotype-based and otherwise) in organizational contexts. Special thanks to Dave, Brenda, and the entire Major Lab. My experience at Santa Barbara has undoubtedly influenced my perspective towards and love of psychology, not to mention my intolerance for New England winters!

Ryan Williams

I am currently in my fifth year of the MD-PhD program at the University of Miami. I completed my first two years of medical school, passed step one of the national boards, and I am about half way through my Ph.D. The two main reasons I choose the University of Miami was their programs with international medicine and their strength in the neurosciences. During medical school I have set up health clinics in Haiti, Cuba, and El Salvador. Right now, I am working for Dr. Mary Bunge at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, which has been an outstanding experience. The focus of my thesis is the use of adeno-associated viral vectors to deliver transgenes encoding developmental transcription factors to the noradrenergic cell populations in the brainstem. With this system, I hope to "re-boot" developmental patterns of gene expression, thereby promoting axon regeneration in the spinal cord after injury. I would like to thank everyone from UCSB for all of the opportunities and preparation I received, I could not have gotten this far without them.

Karrie Johnston

graduated from CSU Fullerton in 2006 with a MS in Clinical Psychology. She is currently working as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with Aviva Family & Children's Services in downtown LA and providing both in-home and in-school outpatient psychotherapy to at-risk youth and their families.

Christine Cardoso-Moore

BA, Psychology. I sold Real Estate in Ventura County to put myself through college at UCSB. Since graduating I have become one of the most successful RE Brokers in the County and Southern CA. I live in Ventura with my husband and two kids.


Diana Ginns

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the country and the world a lot these last three and a half years. When not traveling, I was working at Devereux in Goleta and after that, at a rape crisis and domestic violence center in Colorado. Recently, I just returned home from a year in Chile, South America, where I was living, volunteering, and learning Spanish. I also traveled through Argentina and Bolivia, two beautiful countries. Currently, I am living in Los Angeles, and applying to grad school for school psychology. dyanarama@hotmail.com.

Anoushka Moseley (Yekiazarian)

B.A., Psychology. I worked in the Cognitive Psychology Department for a short period of time under Dr. Hegarty, then worked at Devereux supporting teenagers with mental health issues. I obtained my M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Santa Barbara and worked to obtain my Marriage and Family Therapy hours at Pheonix of Santa Barbara, Devereux, and Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC). I am a licensed M.F.T. and continue to work for TCRC as manager of the Community Placement Program, which assists with moving individuals with developmental disabilities from institutions into the community. I live in Santa Barbara with my husband and one year old son.

Ashton Udall

Since graduating from UCSB with a B.A. in psychology, I have tried to make the most of my early twenties by meshing travel, leisure, education, and hard work. I enrolled in the University of Hawaiis Asian Studies Masters program, during which I focused on political economy and trade issues. These two years consisted of completing my degree, policy research regarding international trade, surfing the North Shore of Oahu, and travel and study in Central America and Indonesia. I am now working at a real estate firm in San Francisco and hope to attend part-time law school to focus on Asian property issues and international real estate."

April Garcia

received an M.A. in Psychology in 2004 from Humboldt State University and then experimented with a few careers trying to find the perfect fit for her research training and personal interests. People thought she was crazy when she left her corporate job and started working as a Behavior Aide in a school setting. She now works one-on-one with a student who has autism. It is challenging yet rewarding, and the best part is that it doesn’t even feel like work. April is currently studying for BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) certification and hopes to go into practice as a behavior consultant, working for families of children with behavioral challenges.

Diana Marie Hill

received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from The University of Colorado in Boulder, specializing in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. She completed her internship at UC Davis, and will return to Colorado in September as the Clinical Director of La Luna Center, in Fort Collins, an outpatient treatment center for eating disorders. Diana has expertise in dialectical behavior therapy and mindfulness based approaches and will conduct workshops and trainings in this area for graduate students and eating disorder professionals. Diana and her fiancé, Craig Schneider, (UCSB GSE 1995) were married on the beach in Santa Barbara in 2007.


Eric Heng

After graduating from UCSB, I earned a Masters of Education in Counseling in Student Affairs from UCLA. Since 2007, I have worked in Student Affairs at the University of California, Office of the President, facilitating system wide student engagement with UC leadership and addressing policy and legislative issues impacting UC students. My wife Emmalee (also a UCSB alumnus) and I live in Pleasant Hill, CA with our three children: Jacoby, Logan, and Bailee.

Mauricio Buchner

B.S. Biopsychology. I found my passion working with children at the Devereux Foundation while attending UCSB. A few years after leaving Santa Barbara, I went back to school and earned my master's degree in education. I have now been working as a school psychologist in the Sacramento area for the past 11 years. I married one of my graduate school classmates and we have two wonderful daughters together.

Adam Leventhal

Ph.D. Adam is currently an assistant professor of preventive medicine and psychology at University of Southern California. He is director of the USC Health, Emotion, and Addiction Laboratory, which conducts research on the emotional and biobehavioral determinants of drug addiction and other behaviors that influence health. Adam has authored more than 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has been the principal investigator of external grants in $7.5M in total costs. He has received early career investigator awards from the APA Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse, APA Society for Clinical Psychology, and American Academy of Health Behavior. He is very grateful to Drs. Aaron Ettenberg and Diane Mackie for their mentoring when he was an undergrad at UCSB. Adam.leventhal@usc.edu

Christina Grigg

After spending a year as Nancy Collin’s research assistant, I began lawschool at UC Davis in 2003. Last summer I returned home to the Santa Barbara area to work with an attorney specializing in criminal defense and civil litigation. I am currently an intern at Legal Services and at the Legislative Office for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in Sacramento. After I graduate from law school, I plan to pursue a legal career or a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Wendy Berry Mendes

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. My research relies on physiological responses (autonomic nervous and neuroendocrine systems) related to stress, motivation and emotion to study social psychological phenomena such as stigmatization, discrimination, unconscious processes, creativity, and social influence. I am most grateful to the superb professors in the Psychology Department at UCSB, especially Jim Blascovich and Brenda Major, who provided me with the methodological training and theoretical foundation that informs my research to this day.

Mariela Vega

BA, Psychology and Spanish Literature. I have earned my Masters and Doctoral degrees from Pepperdine University. I am currently living in the Bay Area working in a private practice with adults diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and chronic pain.

Mathieu Kolacz

BA, Psychology and Art History. I am currently in private practice working with individuals, children and couples. I specialize in addictions, infidelity, chronic pain, trauma and other complex issues. I pursued my education further and obtaining a Masters in Social Work. I am an LICSW, MAC(Master Addiction Counselor) and CMHS (Child Mental Health Specialist). I live and work in Lynnwood, WA with my wife and 2 sons, Teos and Elias.


Keith Rozendal

I'm moving to Ventura, CA and I'm an Instructor in Psychology at California State University, Channel Islands (Social Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, Cognition, and Personality). Keep in touch. keith.rozendal@csuci.edu

Janelle Hernandez

MA in Education from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology and a California State Teaching Credential. I have a Kindergarten position at Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary School in Brentwood, California for the 2007/2008 school year. I am excited about this transition in my life but will never forget my very rewarding three year professional career with the UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program.

Emilie Dauenhauer

moved to Austin, TX on the advice of some family members who had made the city their home. She worked for Wells Fargo Bank for the first two and a half years and currently works for a custom home builder as their Controller. However, she recently decided to make a career change and this fall will begin attending Vanderbilt School of Nursing in Nashville, TN to pursue a Masters in Nursing specializing in the Nurse Midwifery & Family Nurse Practitioner programs.

Margaret Samotyj

spent 2 years at UCLA working in the Psychology Department in health psychology with Dr. Shelley Taylor. She graduated with a MSC in Organizational Psychology from the London School of Economics in 2006, followed by a Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University in 2008. She is currently working as a MBA Fellow with the Department of Labor in Washington, D.C., but trying to make her way back to the West Coast sooner rather than later!

Kaishauna Johnson

BA, Psychology. After working with kids in a variety of ways (teaching, camp instructor, tutoring, etc.), I found my niche as a high school counselor. I have been credentialed for almost 10 years now and absolutely love what I do!


Navid Papehn

Navid went on to receive his MA in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. He graduated in 2005, returning to Los Angeles. At the start of 2006 he began working at an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility, of which he was the Program Director for 3 1/2 years. During this time, Navid also began his studies at Fielding Graduate University in pursuit of his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. He hopes to graduate in 2014. Navid is currently the Program Director at The Bella Vita, an outpatient clinic in Los Angeles that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. He and his wife married last year and live in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Crystal Ramirez

BA, Psychology and Sociology. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 2010 after completing an MA in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I work for the Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services Department supervising a psychiatric crisis clinic. I am on track to complete a PhD in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy at Pacifica this year. My research was approved for presentation at the 3rd annual European Congress on Assertive Outreach in Oslo this June. I am happily married and grateful to live and work in the community which I was born and raised.

Celeste Campos

I have just completed my second year of graduate school in the department of sociology at the University of Iowa and received an MA.

Rebecca Perry

I left UCSB with a minor in Women’s Studies, an academic achievement award with my Psychology degree, and a dream to receive my Master’s in communications and focus on advertising. Instead, this plan morphed into a career in accounting. Working for a family CPA firm since graduation, I left the master’s program after 2 years and started taking accounting classes. I plan to obtain my CPA license within 2 years and hope to become co-owner of the company. I live in my hometown of Fremont with my boyfriend and pets and spend my free time sewing, traveling (Paris and NY for graduation!), volunteering for several Rotary events a year, and practicing “downdog” in my much-loved yoga and Pilates classes.

Maribel Acevedo

BA, Spanish and Psychology. After UCSB, I worked as an Eligibility Worker at the Department of Social Services for several years. Now, I'm back at UCSB as a Financial Aid Advisor in the Office of Financial Aid. I love to travel as often as I can, I'm married and have an adorable lab retriever mix named Simba.


Amanda Wilson

Amanda is currently closing out a 15-month tour to Afghanistan. As a Military Police Lieutenant and an Executive Officer she is responsible for tending the needs and issues of over 200 soldiers. Stationed out of Bamberg, Germany she hopes to continue the pursuit of a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a focus on combat stress, upon return from OEF 07-09.

Caroline Jönsson

BA, Psychology. After finishing my degree at UCSB I moved to San Francisco to work for a while before moving to New York. At NYU I got my Clinical Social Work degree and then worked in the behavioral health field in Manhattan. In 2011 I moved back home to Sweden and now I'm working as a Social worker, assessing suitable treatment for dysfunctional family systems. It's really interesting and awesomely challenging to experience both American and Swedish approaches and school of thoughts within two very different Health care system.

Christiane Johnson

I traveled throughout Europe to 17 countries and I can’t wait to go back! I started a career in Public Relations and Marketing at an agency in Orange County and have worked my way up swiftly in the industry. I am Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a hospital in Huntington Beach, California. I am engaged to a UCSB alumni, Jason Moore, BS in Mechanical Engineering 2001. We will be married July 7th at the Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard in Los Olivos, and then honeymoon in Moorea and Bora Bora for two weeks. We have already determined that our future children will have to become Gauchos and attend UCSB as well! christianejohnson@yahoo.com

Natalie Fabert

I am a former Psych Dept peer advisor. I have been living in Seattle working in social services for the past couple of years (doing career services for people with developmental disabilities). I will be attending a counseling psychology doctoral program at Arizona State University in the fall.

Rachel Cardoza

BA, Psychology. I work for a small business in Santa Barbara that sells APIs for Contact Validation. I am the Payroll Administrator and HR Coordinator. I live in Buellton with my husband, son, and insane cat. My free time is spent hiking, drinking coffee, and relaxing.

Jane Kang

Two BA degrees in Psychology and Economics. I have worked in the financial services industry for 14 years before recently moving into a product manager role in a global spirits and wine company located in NYC. I now manage an iPad enterprise application that's used nationally by our field sales team. I live in New York.


Erika Schmidt

Psychology and Black Studies (double major) as well as a minor in Asian American Studies. In 1999-2000 I completed my MA in Education (School Counseling) and Pupil Personnel Services Credential at CSU Dominguez Hills. Shortly after I began working as a school counselor at Banning High School (LAUSD). I also completed an MS in Marital Family Therapy (also at CSUDH) in 2004. I decided to continue as a school counselor because of the variety of responsibilities I hold throughout the year and the opportunities that arise to work with a diverse population of students. I don't mind the vacation time either!

Lauren (Mantey) McCracken

Received a MS in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from CSU Fresno to be a school counselor. Currently working for San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services as a bilingual addictions specialist. She has accumulated 3000 hours towards Marriage and Family Therapy licensure and is anxiously awaiting to take the exam.

Nate Boyden

I pursued a career in professional athletics. My tryouts eventually landed me a job playing soccer for the Seattle Sounders of the USL Division one. I am currently enjoying a second season in Seattle, but I am already considering what the next career move will be for me. From a psychological perspective I have tried to keep up my studies with current books such as Goldman's Social Intelligence and Gladwell's Blink. I wish the best to all of you at UCSB and beyond. And, GO GAUCHOS!

Ashley Doty

received a Juris Doctorate from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley on May 16, 2009. She will sit the California Bar Exam July 28-30, 2009. She will be joining the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers in December of 2009.


Tiffany Werner

B.A., Psychology. Immediately after graduation I attended the U.S. Air Force Officer Training School and earned a commission as a 2Lt. Now I am a Major, married to another Major, living all over the world with two beautiful sons.

Miles Ashlock

joined the staff of UCSB as Assistant Director of First-Year Programs and Leadership Education in the Office of Student Life. miles.ashlock@sa.ucsb.edu

Nicole Cabalar

BA, Psychology. I worked for a few years as a behavioral therapist before attending graduate school. I briefly works as a student support counselor, drug and alcohol counselor and intervention counselor in central California. I now work in the Los Angeles area as a School Counselor, specializing in working with students with IEPs and 504 plans.


Christopher Flynn

B.A., Psychology. A former intern for UC Santa Barbara's men's soccer team, Flynn entered the sports industry after graduation. After managing teams at Sporting Kansas City and Georgia Tech, Flynn returned to California for the Oakland Athletics in 2017 and currently serves as a sales manager. Recognized by Major League Soccer on multiple occasions for his sales efforts, Flynn was a manager on the 2013 MLS Ticket Sales Team of the Year. With the Oakland Athletics, he's been instrumental in creating The CORE, the innovative first-of-its-kind sports business development program. He lives in Patterson, California, with his wife and three children.

Cheryl A. Cohen

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, 2008. I am a Research Health Scientist and Education Lead for the Veterans Administration Information Resource Center in Hines, Il. I also collaborate with STEM researchers investigating the role of spatial thinking in their disciplines (currently engineering and astronomy).


Psychology Alumnae DAIRINE PEARSON, the Class of 2008 Distinguished Graduating Senior gives back through her work as Bereavement Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Santa Barbara, running to support the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, and giving an annual guest lecture in Psych 101 Health Psychology on bereavement and end of life issues. #GauchosGiveBack


Arabo Beiki

B.A., Psychology. A few years after my tenure as a Gaucho, I continued my educational career at Pepperdine University where I obtained my MBA. After brief stints with the NBA's Sacramento Kings and LA Clippers, I transitioned to General Manager of Washos, a mobile car detailing start-up

Catherine Corbin

B.A., Psychology. After getting an MA in Education and Social Policy and working at a social policy research firm for a few years thereafter, I entered a Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science at the University of Virginia. I am entering my last year, preparing my dissertation, and lookingfor a post-doc. I live in Charlottesville with my partner, and we look forward to getting a dog soon!

Alvin Pingol

BA, Psychology. I am a User Experience Designer focused on creating intuitive, simple, and modern software for customers and businesses. Having a psychology background has facilitated my work by enabling me to better understand, and design solutions that address, the needs of my clients. I live in Petaluma with my wife, who also has a psychology background and practices as a Marriage and Family Therapist.