The department enjoys outstanding facilities. In addition to an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipped faculty research laboratories, the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences provides technical support staff and facilities that greatly enhance the quality of the work environment and increase the research possibilities open to graduate students. The department maintains an instructional facility for undergraduate instruction and there are workshops within the building for metal, carpentry, and electronic fabrication.

Computer & Network Support

The IT Group provides a full suite of user support services: hardware and software troubleshooting, problem resolution, user education and finding solutions for specific needs that are performed every day. Supported platforms include Windows, macOS, and Linux. With over 450 systems on the network, the IT staff techs have a tremendous amount of experience. The focus is on helping users to do their jobs and they take pride in being the facilitators of solutions. We work closely with the Life Sciences Computing Group for our network connectivity and shared servers. The connections provided in offices and laboratory space are generally wired, gigabit Ethernet, with options to add wireless as well.

Shop Services

Think of us as your first stop when you have technical questions or just need to bounce ideas around concerning lab or field research needs.

The facility includes machine tools, welding, electrical repair areas as well a fabrication area dedicated to plexiglass and carpentry projects. We have a stock of fasteners, fittings, and other materials that can cover your needs without having to go off campus.