Parsa Madinei

Parsa Madinei

Graduate Student



Skirmantas Janusonis

Research Area

Neuroscience and Behavior


Parsa Madinei received his B.S. in Biology with a minor in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran in 2021. He then began his Ph.D. studies at UCSB under the supervision of Dr. Skirmantas Janusonis with a focus on Neuroscience and Behavior.


His multidisciplinary research focuses on the microstructure and self-organization of the brain serotonergic system. His laboratory uses experimental and computational tools to understand its dynamics and plasticity. First, they use experimental neurobiological methods to develop transgenic mouse and in-vitro models that allow high-resolution visualization of serotonergic fibers. These fibers are being captured in three dimensions with advanced imaging methods, including confocal, super-resolution, and light-sheet microscopy. Second, they develop advanced computer algorithms to automatically analyze fiber trajectories and use these data to build computational models of the system.