PBS Asst. Professor Nils Reimer Awarded Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowship

April 20, 2023

Assistant Professor Nils Reimer was awarded one of this year's *Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowships*. This award is granted by the Academic Personnel Office to support junior faculty in developing the substantial record in research and creative work necessary for advancement to tenure. Dr. Reimer's Social Injustice and Social Change group uses advanced quantitative methods to investigate motivations for, and responses to, social change in diverse societies.

The *Regents’ Junior Faculty Fellowship* will support Dr. Reimer's research project entitled "Does the Moralized End Justify the Means of Protest? Moral Values, Moral Conviction, and Judgements About Controversial Collective Action". In this ongoing line of research, Dr. Reimer examines whether, when, and why what actions people consider acceptable means of protest depends on who the protesters are and what they are protesting (see here <https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/28fyt> for a preprint).

Congratulations, Dr. Reimer!