New paper by PBS postdoc Anne Milner featured by the Psychonomic Society

April 4, 2023

A new paper authored by PBS PhD alum and postdoc Dr. Anne Milner's was recently featured in an article by the Psychonomic Society. In her manuscript, The persistence of value-driven attention capture is task-dependent, published in Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, Dr. Milner and colleagues dissected the factors underlying a phenomenon called value-driven attention capture (VDAC), in which visual features previously associated with reward can capture attention even when they are task-irrelevant. While the VDAC effect had been previously shown to be robust and surprisingly persistent, here the authors sought to specify the contributions of distinct aspects of the design of prior VDAC studies. They reveal an intriguing picture: in VDAC, the whole might be greater than the sum of parts. Dr. Milner conducts her research on reward and attention in PBS Prof. Barry Giesbrecht’s Attention Lab. Check out the full coverage of Dr. Milner’s article here: