PBS Faculty Richard Mayer Ranks Highly On Top-Cited Academic Platform

May 13, 2022

Distinguished UCSB Professor Richard Mayer ranked #52 in United States and #83 in the world ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the area of Psychology, according to the 2022 Edition of Research.com, an academic platform for scientists. Prof. Mayer directs the Laboratory for Research on Learning and Instruction, which investigates the science of learning and instruction—i.e., how people learn and how we can help them learn—focusing on learning with multimedia, online pedagogical agents, virtual reality, and computer games. The Top Scientists ranking is based on H-index data; as of this writing, Prof. Mayer’s research has been cited upwards of 91,954 times, yielding a highly impressive h-index of 129. Congratulations, Prof. Mayer!

For the full list of rankings, see herehttps://research.com/scientists-rankings/psychology
For the US list, see here: https://research.com/scientists-rankings/psychology/us