PBS Faculty Richard Mayer: The most productive educational psychologist

September 16, 2022

Distinguished UCSB Professor in Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS) Richard Mayer was the most productive educational psychologist during 2015-2021 according to a recent study published in Educational Psychology Review, which used multiple measures to quantify individual researcher productivity across career stages. Dr. Logan Fiorella, who earned his PhD in PBS under Prof. Mayer’s supervision, was listed as the most productive Early Career educational psychologist. Prof. Mayer, who has sustained contributions to journals of educational psychology for the last three decades—and featured prominently in previously published productivity lists since 1991—directs the Laboratory for Research on Learning and Instruction, which investigates the science of learning and instruction. As of this writing, Prof. Mayer’s research has been cited upwards of 188663 times, yielding a very impressive h-index of 169. Congratulations, Prof. Mayer!