Melissa Hingorani

Melissa Hingorani

Graduate Student



Skirmantas Janusonis

Research Area

Neuroscience and Behavior


Melissa Hingorani received her MSc in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin before starting her Ph.D. studies at UCSB in 2017 in the Janusonis Lab. She is completing degree emphases in both BioEngineering and Technology Management. She is co-founder and co-president of MedVentures at UCSB, a student organization dedicated to empowering students to positively impact the world through innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. 


My interdisciplinary research involves in vitro and ex vivo neuronal systems, particularly relating to the serotonergic system. Our laboratory investigates the stochastic organization of serotonin-releasing axons and their functional relationships with other cellular elements such as microglia and blood platelets. Some of these problems have immediate clinical relevance: nearly all mental disorders have been associated with dysfunction in serotonin signaling, and the platelet hyperserotonemia of autism remains an enigma after half a century of research.

[Serotonergic System, Neural Plasticity, In-Vitro & Ex-Vivo Cell Culture Models, Serotonergic Axon Dynamics]