PBS Reopening Information

For details on reopening, refer to the slideshow: PBS Reopening Slideshow.

To start the process to submit a reopening proposal, download this blank template.

You can review Barry Giesbrecht's submission as an example.


Entering and Exiting the Department


  1. Reduce transmission by directing foot traffic from an initial signed access point.


Conditions for access

  1. You must have approval from the PBS Building Committee prior to coming to campus and entering buildings (refer to the procedures regarding Quick Access to Retrieve Items in the General Use of the Buildings section of the PBS Reopening Slideshow - link above).
  2. You must complete the UCSB Wellness Assessment before leaving home each day you plan to come to work.
  3. You must register your arrival at the building using a posted QR Code at the Access Point
  4. You must comply with all safety procedures and protocols, including wearing masks and following the pathways as posted in and around the buildings.


UCSB Wellness Assessment

UCSB requires you to complete the Daily Wellness Assessment every day you plan to work in a UCSB facility. Follow the link below and follow the instructions on the landing page for the Assessment:

Wellness Assessment


Common Space and General Safety Protocols

  1. Face masks are to be worn at all times while inside the buildings, unless you are working alone in an office.
  2. Hand sanitizers will be stationed at the exits of each building.
  3. Faculty and staff are permitted to retrieve mail from the administrative office. They should enter
    the mail room alone, and wipe all relevant contact surfaces prior to retrieving their mail.
  4. The kitchens will be closed, including the one in the main administrative office.
  5. The showers in both buildings will also be closed during this Stage.
  6. All bathrooms with a door external to the building will remain closed. For all other bathrooms,
    only one occupant at a time. Follow the instructions on the door.
  7. All seminar rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms will be closed during Stage 3.


Cautions & Limitations

  1. Limit use of elevator, limit between floor traffic, follow policies for distancing, hygiene and face coverings.
  2. In the case of an emergency, revert to standard emergency procedures.